Uncategorized December 20, 2022

A Winter of Discontent? Or something so much better!

For sales agents and consumers alike, there are bright lights in your future, you just need to look!


As we approach the start of winter, we need to look at ourselves and decide, will we just sit around and accept a Winter of Discontent or do something about it.

There is no question that the real estate market has pretty much changed. The landscape is just different. Agents who came into the real estate market in the past three years need to be trained on how to actually do business instead of just having it come to them. But, without realizing it, many experienced agents also need to be re-trained on how to actually take control of their own destiny. You see, despite having learned that the real estate business requires hard work and effort, the past three years of easy business have made most forget what to do.
The work from home atmosphere has disenfranchised most real estate agents. Instead of a transfer of information from agent to agent and agent to broker, most just rely on what is happening to themselves or what they hear on a news forecast. Agents are left to their own devices and interpret what they hear with no other info.
While I try to pass along information via email, or the occasional poorly attended meetings, I doubt much gets through the words.
Real estate is an emotional business. Each and everyone of us is motivated by something, but rarely the same thing.
What motivates FRANK?
Seeing agents being successful, seeing a sparkle in an agent’s eyes when during a conversation something strikes home, knowing that a consumer has found their Quality of Life through the efforts of our team, depositing a closing check and yes, writing out a commission check to one of you!
This may be a Winter of Discontent for some but there is no need to accept that as your individual fate.
Do you have a business plan? Do you have goals? Do you just want to sit and talk about it? What are your questions? I am here to listen, help and share, but you need to take the second step!
I am offering my assistance. What will you do next!
Just a few ideas on the market:
Most expected the interest rate to be just around 4% by the end of 2022, so today the rates are in the mid-5% range, having come down from some highs around 7%.
Today, buyers who have had to compete with many other buyers are in the position to relax a bit and settle on a house they actually want instead of buying out of fear!
For sellers, yes prices have come down, built from where? A fabricated price mark built of fear and massive buyer competition, or a price that without that fear may have risen around 2-3% a year from 2019?
If you take a look at the real estate market through a bright pair of eyes you may be surprised to see that there are many great opportunities out there if you just pick yourself up and do something about it.