Uncategorized A Winter of Discontent? Or something so much better! For sales agents and consumers alike, there are bright lights in your future, you just need to look!   As we approach the start of winter, we need to look at ourselves and decide, will we just sit around and accept a Winter of Discontent or do something about it. There is no question that […]
Uncategorized Where do I put My Holiday Decorations? Where Do I Put My Holiday Decorations?   How you locate your perfect new home has taken turn recently! With the introduction of new technology in the late 1990’s and the almost something new in technology that is introduced into the real estate marketplace almost daily, finding that new home has indeed become a family […]
Uncategorized why do the Experts Feel a NEED to Label Real Estate Markets Why is there a need to label real estate markets? By Frank Reali …………. It seems that almost every time we turn around someone somewhere finds it important to place a label on the real estate market. Whether it is a buyer’s market, a seller’s market a changing market or a recovering market someone will […]
Uncategorized When is the Right Time To BUY or Sell Real Estate When is the “Right time to buy or sell”   In today’s real estate climate this is a question that is on everyone’s mind; but if you have been around for a while you would know that this is the same question that is on everyone’s mind all the time.   It is pretty easy […]
Uncategorized A Day in the Life of a Real Successful Real Estate Agent By Frank Reali, Real Estate Broker licensed in New York State and New Jersey The alarm goes off at 7AM awaking me from a restful sleep. Time to make the coffee, shower and shave but first let me check my e-mail and text messages for anything important and business related. As I am dressing and […]
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